Eldarya: New otome game by ChiNoMiko?

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I hope we get to customize our characters like this game- and maybe even have different skin tones- we probably will, those girls at the top look alike.


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Grien wrote:

I hope we get to customize our characters like this game- and maybe even have different skin tones- we probably will, those girls at the top look alike.

I heard there WILL be an option to change your skin tone! I believe Chino put some pictures up on her Facebook page.


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There's a hint in it in episode 19. I think I can say that, since it's just in the background, and it's kind of hard to notice.
In any case, I can't wait for the day it actually launches.


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25/10/2013 - #64 


I saw this a while back~! it looks so frekin cool~! I wann aplay it!! TT-TT!!


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Has the game been released yet, and also will there be an English version too. Can't wait to play it, so excited. I love my candy love it's an amazing game and I am sure leftists will be a great game too.


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I mean I am sure Eldarya will be an amazing game too, after all it was created by the best.


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Yes. Yes. It was wasn't it?


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11/11/2013 - #68 


Has anyone played Eldarya yet?! I haven't been able to get on the site.


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11/11/2013 - #69 


It hasn't been released yet!! Oh but it'll most likely be soon!


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It's still under development as of the announcement today.

But we did reach 50,000 fans! So there is new to be seen today! Huzzah!

I was able to get the page to load once, if I can get it to do it again i'll share a screen. :>

Eldarya via Facebook:

"Did you know that you reserve a much nicer surprise than just finding a new pet for 50,000 fans! I edge you right away this is not the output of the game huh! xD But I want to thank all those who follow the page We are very happy to work on this project and especially seeing the interest you have to Eldarya, although it is in development at the moment. Thanks! It motivates everyone to do their best n__n Tell us what you think once you have discovered our little surprise! 8D"

"The surprise of 50,000 is online!
If the page is now definitive Eldarya waiting. however you will notice that the site suffers from a high number of connections> n <" We are sorry and we will ask you to wait yet some time that we can increase the capacity of the site so that everyone is properly access. Thanks for your patience!"

" I think we'll wait until tomorrow instead ^ ^;
Do not you can not wait now staying on the site> w <"
(I remind you that it was a long weekend / holiday, so is not easy to work on the server in a minute.)

In all cases, we will make an announcement when everything is in order!"

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the demo was really interesting even though I couldn't get it to load but I did see a video of it on tumblr c:

can't wait to play the game <3 I heard it's going to be released in 2014




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The demo loaded for me and it is really interesting. I can't wait until it comes out in 2014!


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12/11/2013 - #73 


Here is hoping she makes it so that you can play as a guy...
Highly doubt it tho. ;;


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Alisa215 wrote:

wait.......does any one agree with this......
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-GKruMda4xPY/U … 1600/9.png

I also agree that maybe Lysander+ CAstiel(and maybe Dake) = the tanned hottie with white hair?

and maybe Armin + Dake = the black haired dude.


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23/11/2013 - #75 


The only issue i have with Eldarya is that i dislike online RPGS... theres something too... public, or social or.. um... interactive about it.

but i'll try it anyway.


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Right now it seems more otome game than RPG.Hopefully there is some fighting like pokémon or hack and slash with some flirting on the side.

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I second that.


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I'm so ganna play it, I can't wait^^


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13/12/2013 - #79 


An RPG and a dating sim game all combined?! yikes
T-that what I always hoping for :'wink
And wow! The boys are hot! yikes
I can't wait to play it~! :3


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I've just discovered that Chino had gave us a sneak peek of it! Go onto the website.


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Not to sound stupid but...

I don't play RPGs and the description for the game the said they're is creatures or something like that. Is there any in the demo, and how do you get to the demo?


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Cool big_smile i hope it comes out soon, i love fantasy games i cant wait  smile i hope they announce the release date on MCL, or does anyone know of a way that ill get an email or something when it happens? sorry but i dont trust my memory when school is on O.o

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LuvMusik wrote:

Will definitely play it if it hopefully gets translated...
This is the site- http://www.eldarya.com
And omg,the guys!

Finally 11 years of French finally coming to use


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14/12/2013 - #84 



I hope Kero is dateable .. he said he isn't though -3-)
But i want him to be the love interest too >.<) Onegaii~~