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Lost in the hallway
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You guys should really check this band out their awesome but there are other cool bands like panic at the disco the ramones slash black Sabbath goo goo dolls pierce the veil blacklisted me!!! You guys should check some of these bands out they are really good I hope you like them. Also I wrote a song so ill write please post comments about it and tell me what you think thnx !


                                    Why do I feel so lost trapt and confused? Why am I so lost I only know you but you've forgotten you say im a ghost ,yeah you say Im a ghost how do I know but you say I am you say im gone a picture of the past a lost memory full of hate and now we are lost in a sea yeah a sea of ghosts and you finally let go and the lights are dimming but I wont forget your face othe way you spoke or how protective you were....

Please tell me If you like I was a freshman in highschool and now im a sophomore and I have a story MY STORY.

It started in 3rd grade I really didn't have any friends at all kids and teachers would act like I wasn't there I felt invisible. Things kept going on like this until I was diagnosed with depression in 5th grade. In 6th I started wearing black and I looked sad a few weeks later after I started 6th Kids would call me names and point and laugh. One day after my 2nd semester started my locker was coverd with rude words like horror ghost emo kid. And other rude things soI decided to keep everything bottled up on day things went to far I got jumped afterschool. So I ran home my arms were coverd in bruises the only pearson home was my dad who really was sad but,not for me because my mom died she was a pillpoper. I ran to my bathroom and grabbed scisscors I cut my hair till it looked like boy hair. Then I turned on the bath water and grabbed a knife I was crying but I slit my wrists my dad found me in the bathtub  that night around eight a clock he took me to the hospital. They said I was bi polar and admitted me to the psych ward for 11 days. When I got out I was worse than I was before I cut myself just because I wanted to know I was alive. In my first year of highschool I made a friend and now hes my best friend he saved my life so now im happy!


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Class representative
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Whoaa, uhh.. Let's see..

I think you've broken all of the rules in the Creative Arts Section(?)
And uhh..

Read the rules?

Yeah, that's all I've got . . .

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Good student
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This post is lacking sarcasam from my part.
So, here. You cant escape the snark.

But yeah you broke like every rule you get a medal

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Just because she broke the rules doesn't mean you need to be sarcastic and mean! >_<

SammiLove20 wrote

This is just a reminder to all of you to PLEASE watch how you address an issue whether its with another player or a moderator via PM as well as thread.

I have seen too many instances where upset players have said something a way that could be taken as rude or harsh, and I've had more than one rude pm as well.
Rude actions towards any player, even moderators isn't tolerated and I'm quite tired of getting uncalled for messages because my judgement on a topic isn't to one's standards.

If I feel like something isn't appropriate or not right, don't question it or send me a 5 paragraph rant on how I run my section, because my decisions are for the sake of the organization of the section.
I won't tolerate it anymore, and if this happens anymore, I will give you a warning for rudeness in (the) forums/pm.

Same thing for if I see it happening towards another player. I'm not giving anymore verbal warnings and you'll be automatically given a warning.


As everyone stated, you've broken some rules, so please them here and here.
The general rules can be found here.
If you need to ask anything else you can check the Creative arts FAQ, or message the moderator @SammieLove20

I don't mean to sound rude because of this, hope to still see you on the forums sometime!


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This topic has been closed due a lack of tags as well as no Creative Arts Form!


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