[GUIDE] How to get FREE AP's legally

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>> Got AP's?!

This thread shows anyone how to obtain Ap's for free and legally.

1.  You get ten AP's when you log in.

This means that you may have to log in and then click around a bit.  From personal experience, the coins will not appear automatically.

2. The flower game.

Choose carefully.  You'll want either "passionately", "a lot", or "to madness"  I think to madness gives you the most (20 AP's) but someone correct me if I am wrong.

3. You club game.

If you're in the gardening club it's Insect Rush.
If you're in the basketball it is Break Basketball.
Each costs 3 AP's if you want to take a crack at them and win more for yourself, but be warned, if you don't make at least 3 Ap's in the game, you lost some!
I make about four APs on Insect RUsh everyday

Total Amount

1- 10 AP's
2- 20 AP's
3- 04 AP's
34 AP's everyday!
That's a possible 12 moves everyday!

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Thanks! This helps a-lot. C:


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What is an AP? hmm


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AP stands for Action Points. It is the points you can spend to do stuff such as go into the different rooms which take 2 APs.


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Thanks ya that was helpful smile such a pity I have so bad luck at flower pawer...I never won 20 APs, actually I'm not sure I ever won even two or five APs! hmm


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This was actually very helpful i didnt know you could play games big_smile


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How does the flower game work?


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How are we supposed to chose the right petal in the flower game?


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Flower Pawer is a luck game. Your first-time playing will help you find out which petals contain most APs. I'm not quite sure if the petals' places are placed randomly each time you play. However, you can still try. Usually, I only win 20 APs on my other accounts (in other version of My Candy Love, creating double accounts on the same version might cause banning). Other than Flower Pawer, the club games are easier ways to win APs. And, honestly, since I'm in the basketball club, I recommend being in the garden club, Bug Rush is way easier than the basketball game.

※ Olle

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I agree with Olle, the Basket Ball game glitches alot for me, though most of the time it's in my favor by glitching though some bricks and destroying them instantly, but incect rush is way easier, though I don't want to risk it by wasting some APs because I'm not the fastest person ever.


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You no what i do not like playing this kind of game. hate this game

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Veeeery helpful! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread! big_smile


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I always lose to flower pawer D:


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Somebody know where is the teacher lounge i'm on episode 5 now but i can't find the teacher lounge


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Oh, so thats how you get more AP's!! Thats helpful info, thanks! big_smile


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Has anyone figured out a sort of a system for the flower thing?


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I  don't mean to be rude but that's not posible. sometimes on the flower game i get nothing for 2 weeks and basketball i might get 1 money so it's not that possible.


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Flower Power does seem to be luck-based. There probably is only a certain number of patterns, but there also seems to be no way to tell what the pattern is before you click.


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I don't know if it is luck or not, but for some reason I always get only 2 patterns, and the petals are next to each other xD


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This may be a silly question, but...

How do you access the flower game? Is it one you have to unlock via playing through the episodes? Or is it a game that's just on the site?


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Go to my apartment and click the Nintendo Ds which is locate on the right bottom corner. Then click the flower game which is called Flower Pawer. Hope this help.


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I don't really understand how the flower game works ? I'e gotten a lot and to madness before but I don't know if I got the AP's or not.Do they just add on at the top or something ?


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I don't quite understand the insect rush game. I like the basketball game better but I only usually make 2-3 APs so it'd be a waste...